I was lucky enough to land internship offers at places like Twitter, Spotify, and Amazon in Europe. I will share some tips I wish someone had told me years ago when I started out preparing for these interviews. I was rejected by Google and a fair deal of other companies, so I have learned lots of lessons along the way.

Before we dive right in, I’m not a recruiter or a hiring manager, so take everything I say with a grain of salt – just like you would do with anything else on the interwebz :D

First, let’s understand the…

Last summer I interned at a big tech company. At first, I wasn’t too comfortable with the idea of working 9–5. Why would I want to spend all day in an office when I could travel the world by freelancing online? One year ago, I even started a draft called “Why I won’t work in an office even for a day”.


Last summer I challenged my own assumptions, and this is what I learned.

Work is fun

Work can be really fun. Why is it so much fun? I think it’s because of the people you work with (which are…

Note to self;

There has never been a time when you could listen to all the music you wanted, for free.


There has never been a time when you could communicate to people, wherever they lived, for free.


There has never been a time when you could travel to the other side of the globe in less than a day (still cheaper than the phone you carry in your pocket).


There has never been a time language barriers weren’t a thing anymore.


There has never been a time when you could change the world with a…

As a developer, I love good and effective design. Design that follows the operating system guidelines and that’s thoroughly tested. Here’s a list of the 5 resources I love and use every day:

User Onboarding (become a better UX designer)

  • First learn what makes a good design a good design. A good design is something that doesn’t need a tutorial or an explanation. Simply put, good design is design that’s easy to use.
  • Get good at recognizing what makes a good design easy to use by exploring this free resource. …

So, you got into a hackathon. Congratulations! Getting into any major hackathon isn’t easy especially if you’re provided with travel reimbursements or with a shuttle from your school. It generally means that hackathon organizers really want you there, and can pay to make that happen. Neato!

What’s a hackathon?

Hackathons are programming competitions usually 24 or 36 hours long where people gather together and form teams to build web apps, websites, mobile apps and hardware. Hackathons are almost always 100% free because sponsors pay to be there (they collect resumes, have participants their APIs, etc.). …

Is Firebase a good fit for all mobile projects? It depends.

It sure is a compelling product to get things up and running fast, especially for small startups, when time-to-market is everything. You get social authentication, a realtime database, A/B testing experiments, and self-hosted cloud functions, to name a few. All features come with extensive documentation, easy-to-use SDKs that support all platforms (web, iOS, Android), and a user-friendly dashboard to manage all the features. The best part? It’s free to get started.

It comes with a cost though. First off, it’s almost as if Firebase was built to lock you…

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Breathing tweets, craving food, writing code. Always learning.

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